GlobaleDocs is the Aviation industry’s leader in Documentation Management.

A true Cloud Based solution suite, GlobaleDocs provides Airlines and Aviation related Operations with comprehensive and innovative modules, that enable non-expert IT users to achieve expert results.

This blog is an open stage for YOU – clients, aviators and other professionals, to share ideas, thoughts and experiences related to Aviation Documentation & Controlled Documents. Feel free to comment, or send articles for publishing.


2 responses to “About

  • Steve

    I was wondering what people thought about the ongoing debate regarding revision control. You see continuously statements like “this document is out of date as soon as you print it” or “this document is live and continually updated”. It seems like an easy way out in terms of document management and corporate liability but is this really an acceptable way of delivering information.

  • Eyal Weiss

    Hi Steve.
    You certainly identified the main benefit of the GlobaleDocs system;
    “It seems like an easy way out in terms of document management”.
    As to your question, “Is this an acceptable way?
    By all means yes. The most evident proof is an IOSA resulting in “Outstanding Audit Report”, attributed directly at the implementation of this system.
    All the best
    E. Weiss

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